Elaine Whitefield


A founding member of The Avadon Group, Elaine is an Avadon Trainer and Facilitator  with 15 years of workforce training and development. She also has a strong background in teaching business skills at the grassroots level and was the Founder and former Director of EASE, a non-profit advocacy agency dedicated to training, educating, and mentoring transitional, disenfranchised, and underemployed individuals, helping them get back into the workforce.

Though her strengths and training have been focused on career counseling and job coaching, Elaine is able to offer a blend of talents, skills, and abilities to The Avadon Group and to each of our clients. She has been successful in both the public and private sectors, helping individuals make positive transitions in the areas of:

  • Career change or advancement
  • Life alteration and change
  • Learning to leave difficult relationships while gaining the skills and courage to enter or re-enter the workforce

Her experiences as an employer, Career Development Specialist, Counselor, Coach, and Trainer have given her a wealth of understanding, insight, tools, and resources that are regularly utilized for clients and participants in Avadon's Programs and Workshops.

Elaine's most requested topics include:

  • Building Tomorrow’s Workforce from Today’s Talent
  • Creating Your Own Professional Edge

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