Lori Steed Sortino


A speaker, facilitator, and consultant with an emphasis on whole system change, Lori's gift for enabling group and organizational momentum has been recognized on an international level. She uses that gift — along with a focus on the strengths found in each individual, the strengths found in the diversity of an organization, and the process of communication that affects and influences decisions and action — to help people and organizations truly move forward.

Lori’s background and experience covers the public, private, and non-profit sectors — and virtually every size of organization, from small entities to Fortune 500 companies. The common denominator in each instance is the client's readiness and motivation to find alignment and take action. These are clients seeking to answer two fundamental questions, “What do I want to do? And, why do I want to do it?” This is what Lori refers to as the quintessential quest, and is the beginning of success for both individuals and organizations alike.

To help each client, she uses a number of custom-tailored change- and dialogue-enabling processes. Then, she carries that forward with her own innate talents for connecting and relating, and listening and summarizing

But, exceptional facilitation is only part of the equation, Lori also has the resources and contacts to enable key strategic-partner introductions. And, when required, she can encompass the larger sphere, empowering positive change in the community through the alignment of core values among individuals, groups, and organizations.

That belief in creating harmony is fundamentally at the core of everything she does: she operates from the principle that change occurs from within, through alignment; it should never be directed or forced. Instead, groups/organizations/companies need a clear mission and vision, along with a consistent value system that continually ensures all stakeholders will self-select to participate based on their connection at the core value level. Then, in the face of inevitable unexpected-and-unplanned events, individuals are able respond from their strengths, as part of a collective group with a common understanding and goal. This, along with a devotion to having a great time, is the secret recipe for sustaining, growing, and achieving all we wish to create in our families, groups, communities, and companies... and even within the greater global family.

And, this is why Lori Sortino is sought after when it is time to change direction, manifest a dream, or confirm and affirm an intuited direction

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